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Features 1:

• All products are energy-saving
• Power consumption is very low
• No warm-working electronics
• Very easy to install the device
• User friendly software
• Software is free
• Service and support
• Warranty is three years
• All devices are multi-channel and the user can manage each channel separately
• Selected industry-leading electronic components and embedded in the device
• No adverse impacts to the environment
• Very competitive prices

Features 2:

• Software for temperature measurement
• Settings for individual channels
• Setting alarm for each channel
• Setting names for each channel
• Recording temperature as base
• Recording temperature as web-base*
• Analyzing the measured temperature
• Chart of the measured temperature
• Selection by device and channel
• Printing the measured temperature
• Enabled remote monitoring of temperature measurement
• Enabled remote monitoring via the Internet*
• Enabled alarm per channel
• Note: the measured temperature record in the log.txt (ASCII for developers)

* You can buy additional licence to send all measured data to an web service and be able to monitor data online trough any computer based internet browser or mobile internet browser